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IIAS Study Group IV - Quality of Governance

Amsterdam 2012

In May 2012, the first meeting of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences Study Group IV on the Quality of Governance met in Amsterdam. Adam Masters represented TRIC at the first meeting of the study group in Amsterdam, May 2012. At the meeting, Adam Graycar was nominated as a co-chair of the group, along with Leo Huberts of VU University Amsterdam and Tina Nabatchi from the Maxwell School of  Syracuse University, NY.

IIAS Study Group IV

Amsterdam, May 2012

New Orleans 2013

Since the initial meeting, the Quality of Governance - or QuGo - Study Group has developed a research agenda and conducted a workshop prior to the American Society for Public Administration 2013 conference in New Orleans, 15-19 March 2013. The QuGo Study Group contributed two panels to the conference proper. The panels explored issues around good and bad quality of governance:

Panel 01ETH: Quality of Governance: Understanding Corruption, Animosity and Integrity

Frank Anechiarico (Hamilton College): Deck Chair Legitimacy: The Role of Integrity Policy in Public/Private Governance

Adam Graycar (Australian National University-TRIC): Corruption: Locating Problems and Solutions

Leo Huberts (VU University Amsterdam): Corruption, Integrity and Quality of Governance

Adam Masters (Australian National University-TRIC): Bureaucratic Animosity: The overzealous and Uneven Application of Inconsistent Regulation

Panel 04ETH: Organizational Evil as a Threat for Quality of Governance

Emile Koltoff (Open University Amsterdam): Evil Systems or Evil Individuals? Psychopaths in Charge

Guy B. Adams (University of Missouri-Columbia): Systemic Corruption and the Prospects for Quality of Governance: A View from the Dark Side

Carole L. Jurkiewicz (Hofstra University): How-To Guide for Creating Evil Organizations

Donald C. Menzel (Ethics Management International): The Ethics of Elected Officials: Good, Bent, Bad?

Bahrain 2013

The QuGo Study Group hosted three sessions at the IIAS/IASIA Joint Congress in Bahrain, 3-4 June 2013. The focus of these sessions is on different aspects of and contexts for the Quality of Governance.

Governmental and non-governmental organizations around the world are struggling with quality of governance and ethics issues. Initiatives to meet these challenges include: the development of codes of ethics; the struggle against corruption; public sector reform or partial programs aimed towards other valued aspects of governance such as democracy, accountability, human rights and the rule of law; and initiatives focused on the effectiveness and efficiency of public policies and services. A goal of the Study Group is to generate better conceptual, theoretical, and empirical understanding about these and other initiatives and to improve our knowledge about the nature and dynamics of quality of governance, and its relationship to other phenomena.

The three quality of governance sessions were moderated by Leo Huberts (VU University), Adam Graycar (Australian National University-TRIC) and Andrew Podger (Australian National University).

Washington 2014

IIAS Study Group IV Workshop
Washington, March 2014

A QuGo Workshop was conducted on the day prior to the American Society for Public Administration's 75th Annual Conference in Washington DC, March 2014. A range of papers from academics and interested practitioners were presented before the participants resolved to move toward publishing as a group. The QuGo Study Group again provided panels at the main conference:

Panel: Quality of Governance: Values, Policies, Corruption and Training

Adam Graycar (Australian National University-TRIC): Handling Corruption Risk in the Public Sector

Gjalt de Graaf (VU Amsterdam), Zeger van der Waal (National University of Singapore) and Tina Nabatchi (Syracuse University): Examining the Galaxies of Public Values: A Meta Analysis of Public Values Research

Leo Huberts (VU Amsterdam) and Hester Paanakker (VU Amsterdam): Quality of Governance: Good Governance in Context

Adam Masters (Australian National University-TRIC): In the Eyes of the Beholder: Perspectives on Good and Bad Governance in Australian Tobacco Policies

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